The Left One Is Little Bit Smaller

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The Left One Is Little Bit Smaller
  • 5 years ago, by @mchattnyc Don't worry love this happens all the time. Just find someone to suck really hard on the left one till they even out. Just be careful you don't get lost in the moment and have the left one slightly bigger. Then of course have the person switch sides and continue. You're welcome in advance.
  • 5 years ago, by @micronaughty As an optimist, I like to think of the right one is a little bit bigger. They look fantastic, and the size is very close. We'd probably need more pictures to be absolutely certain. You know. For science.
    • 5 years ago, by @Marodien There are more pictures on my Profile
  • 5 years ago, by @Bet_You_Wont_PM_Tits I love them both equally