Guess What My New Bra Size Is! (watch Until End For Answer)

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  • 6 1 week ago, by @46semys Does that say 38H?
    • 4 1 week ago, by @bbkitter Unfortunately
      • 3 1 week ago, by @D_a_i_b i can give your back massages daily i accept titty-smacks to the face as payment
      • 2 1 week ago, by @cactusonmeth It's unreal how expensive big boob bras are, not to mention sports bras
      • 1 1 week ago, by @John_Matrix_81 The sad face? Is that due to pain and discomfort?
  • 2 1 week ago, by @marscoffee Had to watch it a few times, did not realize there was a tag
  • 2 1 week ago, by @shmeckles4boobies Good glorious God those are the most amazing and impressive massive tits I've ever seen!!
  • 2 1 week ago, by @daib i'm sorry for your back, but those are simply Magnificent if i could, i'd give you back massages everyday <3
  • 1 1 week ago, by @venom831sc damn those are heavenly

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