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Tessa Fowler Bio and Info

  • Date of Birth: January 01, 1992
  • Height: 5 feet 1 inches (152.4 cm)
  • Measurements: 30GG-27-31
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Country: United States
  • Galleries: 103 Browse

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Are we rocking and rolling this summer or what? Usually summertime is the time of year when everyone kind of slows down a little bit and takes a break or a bit of a vacation but not here at Busty Porn, where we never rest when it comes to our quest for finding you the very best in extraordinarily hot big boobed babes and today we really take it up another notch.

Bringing to you… the lovely and talented incredible 30GG Tessa Fowler!

Tessa Fowler debut comes in one of the all-time great classic glamour babe outfits: the tiny bikini!

And does she ever do justice to a bikini or what? WOW. That’s all we can say when we take a look at this photo set, because she can fill out a bikini like few others.

Tessa not only has amazing big boobs but is so sweet and super cute and simply one of the best, sexiest girl-next-door women we could ever have hoped to work with, bar-none. And did we mention her BOD???

Holy huge tits, does she ever have a booty, boobs and bod to go with that undeniable charm and winning smile of hers.

Tessa’s boobs are the kind that simply must be seen to be believed, not to mention the rest of her, so hold on to your hats as we welcome this stunning beauty to the pages of our Busty Porn website! Hope you enjoy!

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  • 4415 6 years ago, by @Masturhand Tessa is my favorite PinupFile Model. I just want to thank her for causing this confirmed bachelor to do A LOT of STROKING & SQUIRTING WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 1857 6 years ago, by @templeknite not big on red heads, but she does have a cute sultry look. hope see does some more photo sets.
  • 2592 6 years ago, by @emray2946 Tessa, You look very sexy when you are wearing your glasses. Although I am not into Piercings, your Boobs are beautiful and you have a Gorgeous figure. You can be my Calendar Girl every Day of the Week. A smashing young Lady !!!!
  • 4786 6 years ago, by @user7506 I freaking LOVE her
  • 518 6 years ago, by @davidbru She's sexy, sense of humour, clearly the best.
  • 1633 6 years ago, by @derfuck Not the biggest boobs on the planet but certainly the most beautiful. Tessa is perfection, period.
  • 1624 6 years ago, by @jn1987 She’s a beautiful woman. So pretty.
  • 2159 5 years ago, by @tnahandyandy she releases my nuts every time... every time.
  • 1824 5 years ago, by @tnahandyandy Stunning. She puts other women, even gorgeous women, to shame. Luuuuv Tessa!
  • 1674 5 years ago, by @Ggq2HjftakA4 Amazing boobs and great attitude. Love those diary videos. Rubik cube is one of my favorite.
  • 483 5 years ago, by @DennyJ ITZ DENNIZ
  • 2714 5 years ago, by @sexysara Awesome breasts. The best.
  • 662 5 years ago, by @tomkoma Tessa, I've followed you from Cosmid and wish you could bring down the cosmetic sex appeal and use your natural beauty to become one of the sweetest (not sluttiest) girl next door babe ever..if you looked at your cosmid photo sets, you were amazingly and naturally stunning..and won my heart over the others..bring that element of purity back into your pics and you will be on top of the world...for your fans..
  • 2827 5 years ago, by @Masturbator As my absolute favorite model just like to say oh you have caused your's truly to 'MASTURBATE' many times and as a confirmed bachelor looking forward to A LOT more thank you TESSA!
  • 1886 5 years ago, by @Betho2 She is lovely, beautiful, wonderful, open, happy, funny, intelligent and perfect sexy.
  • 2524 4 years ago, by @Masturbator All of Tessa's videos are 'Excellent' and I have my favorites. As a confirmed bachelor I need only 3 items and they begin with the letter B. My 'BED' 'BABY OIL' and a 'BOX OF KLEENEX' Thank you Pinupfiles and Tessa WOW!!!!!
  • 3898 4 years ago, by @Gecko114 She should do a video swimming underwater, using a GoPro camera. I would love to see her boobs bouncing underwater!
  • 2322 4 years ago, by @qwerty8 Her breasts/figure are why she is here. But her very, pretty face is why she is SO impressive looking.
  • 1518 4 years ago, by @Franken Tessa Fowler, is the only and true goddess ! She is perfect and out of this world !