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Angela White Bio and Info

  • Date of Birth: March 4, 1985
  • Height: 5 feet, 3 inches (160cm)
  • Measurements: 42G-27-41
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Ethnicity: Australian
  • Country: Sydney
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Angela White on Social Media

Angela White is an Australian goddess – she originally kept her goodies strictly on her own site but she busted out of that cage and moved to LA to pursue her love of smut! With an insanely beautifully huge NATURAL set of juggs and a contagious enthusiasm, Angela brings fun and sex together in every performance she does!

Angela White was still in high school when she entered the adult industry in 2003. As an adolescent, Angela openly identified as bisexual and was criticized for her uninhibited sexuality. She was motivated to become involved in pornography because she saw it as a space where her sexuality would be accepted, a space in which having multiple partners of any gender was encouraged and a space in which sexuality was celebrated rather than denigrated. Through performing in pornography, Angela has been able to explore her sexual desires in a safe environment with other open minded, sex-positive people.

Angela was inspired to enrol in a Bachelor of Arts degree upon hearing feminist critiques of pornography as degrading and exploitative of women. Not being able to pair these assertions with her own experiences of the industry, Angela conducted qualitative research into the experiences of female performers in the Australian pornography industry. The findings were vast and complex but did support the fact that pornography can be a positive and transformative space for many female performers. In 2010, Angela graduated from the University of Melbourne with First Class Honours in Gender Studies. The findings from her Honours thesis were delivered at the Erotic Screen and Sound conference at Griffith University in 2011.

Angela’s interest in gender politics led her to spend a year studying at the prestigious Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris (the Institute of Political Science in Paris, France) more popularly known as Sciences-Po. Subsequently, Angela ran as a political candidate for the Australian Sex Party in the 2010 Victorian state election, in which she publicly fought for the rights of sex workers. Angela generated media attention when she sent copies of her pornographic DVDs to the Attorney General in her campaign to relax regulations for X-rated films. More media attention ensued when Angela and fellow Australian Sex Party candidate, Zahra Stardust, became the first political candidates to film a pornographic scene together.

Have you ever wondered if everything really goes backwards or upside down, in Australia, AKA the land down under? For busty sexy hellcat Angela White, the only thing ‘down under’ about her is how quickly she gets under a throbbing dick doing the in-out crotch dance. Her tits are so big, you want to believe she paid massive bucks to some genius surgeon to get them that way, but in fact, Angela is a 100% pure natural lady and those tits are the real deal. When she’s on her knees worshiping a cock, you could stare down her cleavage and get lost in that vortex of fleshy boob fold. Angela wasn’t always the cock-gobbling and jizz-draining superstar she is today. You see, in Australia, girls are still in high school when they turn eighteen, which means this girl was a true-to-life high schooler when she first decided to make her way into porn. Being as inexperienced as she was, she first joined up with the famous Australian all-girl lesbian site, Abby Winters, among other softcore sites, in order to test out the slut waters. There, she perfected her solo skills and her pussy-munching abilities. Finally, though, the great slut swelled up inside her and her fat tits, and she finally blew our ball sacks open with “Angela White Finally Fucks”. Since then, she’s been getting her pussy stretched by plenty of throbbing knobs and receiving loads of warm facials, too.

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